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Mat can help you navigate the changing environment in which your business or organisation operates.


Managing Crises and Unexpected Change

Mat can help you navigate the changing environment in which your business or organisation operates. Recently Mat has been advising organisations on how to navigate the changing workplace in relation to COVID – 19, reviewing programs and services and helping to navigate the changed requirements and stimulus packages. Mat has extensive experience at managing change and leading organisations through sophisticated change processes.

Change management

As an experienced CEO for over 15 years Mat has directly led many change projects of varying sizes and complexity. He can help you scope out and develop a change program to step you through a successful change management process in your organisation or business, leaving you with a process for evaluating success.

Strategic Growth – ideas to implementation

Mat is an experienced strategic level thinker and has extensive experience at planning processes to achieve strategic objectives. Examples of this include revenue diversity models, growth agendas, strategic plans, experience at leading organisations through merger processes. If you have ideas around your leadership group table, Mat can help you to develop ways to implement these and measure your impact and success


Mat can help you develop strategies and programs to improve your diversity and help your organisation/business ensure that it is accessible and safe for people from LGBTIQ and other groups.

Business and organisations will succeed if all members of our community feel welcome and safe to use your services or purchase your products. From your front door to your social media, there are things you can do to ensure your diversity targets are met and exceeded and not just ticked off in an annual report.

Impact measurement

In Mat’s career he has had a clear focus on ensuring that we are able to measure and demonstrate our impact. You need to be able to clearly articulate what the impact of your intervention, program or organisation is to continue to receive funding or grow your profit. Mat has years of experience in setting a culture of outcomes and impact measurement and can help you with the tools to do this.

Management and Leadership structures are often complex and challenging particularly in NFP organisations with multiple funding sources, with multiple contract end dates and a lot of uncertainty. Management structures need to be flexible enough to cope with some shrink and flex, but also able to cope with uncertainty and growth. Often it is not the structure itself that is the problem but the process to implement a new structure, and evaluation of this once it is in place. The other major success factor in these processes are the team. Are your management team skilled and resourced enough to fully integrate the change process to a new structure?

Mat can help you come up with the principles or guiding aspects to successfully developing a structure that is appropriate to your context.


Mat has supervised, managed, and mentored many aspiring managers, many aspiring senior executives and CEOs. Having experienced executive coaching many times Mat has the deep experience and resources to help senior execs and CEOs to succeed. Having drawn on these experiences Mat has developed a model to help clients identify their areas for development and resource them to achieve their goals. Mat is also able to offer management and leadership groups development programs or advice about areas for growth and improvement.

CEO For Hire

Having seen it all, and experienced many and various issues, problems, successes and having had a very successful career as a CEO and Senior Executive Mat is also able to work with Boards and Leadership Groups to help with trouble shooting issues that they are having trouble internally resolving.

Having an external set of eyes, facilitating, and suggesting ways of working together or dealing with problems in different parts of the business is invaluable.

Mat has extensive experience in Government relations having worked directly in Premiers and Ministerial offices and with senior officials in government departments as well as being a policy influencer on the outside, Mat has a deep knowledge of Government processes and political realities and can help you with any government relations problems or campaigns.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Many private individuals and companies give generously to various charities. Often giving to multiple charities. Giving programs in businesses often come without any real return other than a positive feeling or a tax benefit. How do you know that the funds you have provided are making a difference? How would I know where to find out?

Mat can help you develop a giving strategy and provide expert advice on whether or not a charity you are considering giving to can demonstrate back to you the impact that your funds have or will contribute to. Mat can broker the relationship and ensure that once the funds hit their bank account that you get some kind of return, in feedback, in gratitude or in evidence of having made a difference. Which only helps your business.
Other areas Mat has extensive experience and can assist:

  • Program design and evaluation
  • Review of programs, services, structures
  • Board relationships and board processes
  • Recruitment and retention of Senior Staff
  • Grant funding and report writing